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Los Lonely Boys: The Tex Mex Rockers Return

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Los Lonely Boys' new album Revelation is out now. Los Lonely Boys' new album Revelation is out now. (Courtesy of the artist)

Throughout its career, Los Lonely Boys has won over a whole community of fans and a Grammy Award in 2005 (for its single "Heaven") with its unique Tex Mex rock 'n' roll and radio-friendly pop hooks. But last year, the band's status was up in the air, after guitarist Henry Garza suffered a scary spinal injury when he fell off-stage during a concert, and the power trio -- brothers Henry Jojo, and Ringo Garza -- spent a good chunk of 2013 on hiatus. 

Luckily, Henry Garza has recovered, the band has regrouped, and sounds revitalized on its latest album, Revelation, released back in January. While the hard-touring band has always played in a variety of genres and styles (often in the same song), this new collection finds Los Lonely Boys playing with Santana-esque Latin blues jams, traditional conjunto, '70s soul and even, yes, soft 80's-styled yacht rock. Ten years after its 2004 breakout, Revelation, feels like another very fine entry in the "Texican"'s discography.


Set List:

  • "So Sensual"
  • "Give A Little More"
  • "Don't Walk Away"


Los Lonely Boys

Comments [13]

Gregorio Pietro from Staten Island

Additionally, Last night's show at City Winery was outstanding.
They are back on tour and rockin' with a spirit and energy like never before.
Hearing them live in an intimate venue like this can only be a portent of bigger and better things ahead. They were supported on this stop by "Sons of Bil" [from Virginia] who gave their all and made me a new fan and will soon release a new record which got some toes tapping during their set prior to LLB during the 3 nights here in nYc.
Go hear them both and get the music for yourself.

Mar. 27 2014 02:02 AM
Green Language from Ocean City, NJ

check out great new rock n roll:

Mar. 27 2014 12:16 AM
AustinStratFan from Austin, Texas

Soundcheck - thank you so VERY much for shining the spotlight on Los Lonely Boys. A good slice of the very newest material from Revelation. And, for those of us that go way back, it's always wonderful to see (and hear) an article like this that introduces the boys to an even wider audience. Whatever led to that cute little pass at Nobody Else at 24:40, well, nobody else but LLB (thanks!). Next time you interview them, treat your listeners to the up-tempo Friday Night and bluesy I Am The Man To Beat. Incredible range of material in 10 years - although the first album was cut way back in the late 90s. (Yes, it is ALSO titled Los Lonely Boys) God bless, and viva LLB!

Mar. 25 2014 11:49 PM
Anita from Colorado

What the heck is yacht rock??

Mar. 25 2014 09:51 PM
Karis from Baltimore, Maryland

My favorite part of this session is the last seven minutes of the interview. The boys' philosophy on music and life really comes out. Love these guys and their music so much!

Mar. 25 2014 08:48 PM
velvetsky from Houston, Texas

Thank you Thank you Soundcheck for having LLB as your guest. Acoustic "So Sensual" sounded so groovy. Los Lonely Boys are always spot on with harmonies and their tunes. I've heard fabulous reports on the East Coast shows and it's awesome that people are really listening to and digging Revelation. Great collaborations for sure. Henry - can't tell you enough how relieved we are that you are recovering. We appreciate every note you play. JoJo and Ringo absolutely love everything y'all have to say. Thanks for being so real (as Yvonne said).

Mar. 25 2014 06:16 PM
Yvonne from Dallas, Tx

Thanks for keeping it reels and for continuing to put "smiles on people's faces. Prayers for continued healing Henry!!!

Mar. 25 2014 05:42 PM
LLBRuca from Austin

I am really enjoying this! Thank you so much to SoundCheck for this fabulous "show". Thank you to LLB for all you share with us. I enjoyed the discussions and of course the music. God Bless LLB.

Mar. 25 2014 04:29 PM
Xavier Herrera from DC

You brothers are talented beyond words and your songs speak to us all. I am looking forward to see you guys for the second time when you play at the Hamilton in Wash DC. Orale! X man

Mar. 25 2014 02:59 PM
Heather L. from Houston

That was fantastic!! You guys sounded amazing, and I loved hearing you talk about the music. Your passion shines through!

I'm so thankful for Henry's recovery. Prayers were answered.

Thanks so much for this broadcast, Souncheck!!

Mar. 25 2014 02:57 PM
Conny Sena

I'm your #1 fan since 2006 the first tome I heard you! I've been backstage with you many times but haven't seen you for 2 years! I thought you all remembered me BUT you won't answer my FB. I ADORE you Henry,Jojo and Ringo, FOREVER AND EVER AMEN!

Mar. 25 2014 02:47 PM
Sherri McGraw from Milwaukee

Would that be 7 PM central time? I am in Wisconsin...

Mar. 25 2014 01:48 PM
Carmen Aguirrre from San Juan Capistrano California

I have seen them five times they are beyond awesome

Mar. 25 2014 12:39 PM

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