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The Meat Puppets; BOY Plays Live; Ginger Baker On Film

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Monday, October 07, 2013

Meat Puppets. Meat Puppets. (Courtesy of the artist)

In this episode: Before Soundcheck co-presents the Meat Puppets in concert as part of this week's CBGB Music and Film Festival, the founders of the alt-rock band talk about its punk roots, collaborations with Nirvana and the drug-fueled ten-year hiatus that almost broke up the band for good.

Then, the delightful indie pop duo BOY perform its big hit "Little Numbers" and more in the Soundcheck studio.

And we revisit a conversation with the director of the documentary film Beware Of Mr. Baker -- about famed and unpredictable Cream and Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker.

The Meat Puppets: Still Punk 'Weirdos,' After All These Years

The band's founding members -- brothers Curt Kirkwood and Cris Kirkwood -- talk about their punk roots and the drug-fueled ten-year hiatus that almost broke up the band for good.

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Boy: Delightful And Bittersweet Pop

Hear the infectiously poppy duo Boy perform an acoustic version of its international hit "Little Numbers" and more songs from its debut album Mutual Friends in the Soundcheck studio.


Check Ahead: Lucy Wainwright Roche, 'There's A Last Time For Everything'

There's A Last Time For Everything, is a lovely, song-rich new collection from the indie folk singer-songwriter Lucy Wainwright Roche.


Download This: Alice Russell

The British soul singer Alice Russell performs at Highline Ballroom Monday. Download "I Loved You."


Check Ahead: Mikael Jorgensen & Greg O’Keeffe

Mikael Jorgensen and Greg O'Keefe's self-titled album is full of multi-layered synth soundscapes from the Wilco keyboardist.


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